Interested in a Custom Abstract Painting?

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Jennifer has created a signature style of work through calming color palettes and soft brush strokes. Compositions signify places of wonder. Jennifer is inspired by  natural landscapes and the feeling of beauty and wonder we receive from them. Whether it is water, mountain ranges, or rolling flatlands, Jennifer's work is speaking to our own intrinsic appreciation of nature around us. Invest in artwork for your home.
Commission Jennifer to create an abstract painting for you. 

Pricing is determined by the size and difficulty of the piece. Jennifer will provide you a quote. The price for this listing is simply a deposit. The deposit provides precedence of your piece. Jennifer works on various pieces at a time, layering oils to create a dynamic piece that is original to you. 

Custom artwork is unique and never printed for resale.  Custom pieces can turn into beautiful stationery, invitations, and other personalized gifts. See Jennifer's line of stationery under Lily and Rose Papier


Jennifer's process is as follows:

1.) Jennifer provides a quote for the project based on materials and time anticipated. Once the agreement has been made, Jennifer will provide a timeline of completion of your work.

2.) Client provides a deposit of $120 for the project (remainder will be accepted upon completion).

3.) Jennifer collaborates with her client on color palette and composition. Jennifer works primarily with professional grade oils, which require a longer drying time before shipment (could be up to four weeks after the painting is completed).

4.) When the final piece is completed, Jennifer will accept the final payment and provide her client with a quote for safe shipping and handling.  

5.) Jennifer will ship your painting! You may also pick up your painting here at her studio (Glen Ellyn, Illinois)