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Finding Joy and Gratitude in the Process...

"Being an artist isn’t about maintaining a piece of my former self but instead of reveling in who I am now. My joy truly comes from the inspiration I receive from my girls. They are the ones that have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. They are so deeply imbedded in my creative process. I have fully mixed my role as a mother with the work I do as an artist. As a relatively new venture, I truly cannot wait to see where this journey leads to. It has been pretty amazing so far. "

Jennifer Collander

Over the past couple of years, Jennifer has developed her own unique style of painting. She enjoys capturing memorable moments on canvas and prides her work on creating a timeless piece of art. Working in various mediums, Jennifer is most known for her oils on canvas. 
Jennifer is dedicating 2020 to finding joy in the process of creating authentic work. At this time, Jennifer is no longer taking commissions. The year 2020 is about reveling in the now and finding peace in the process of creating original art. 
Jennifer will be releasing three new collections of works this year. Sign-up for her latest newsletters and follow her on Instagram for details on each release.