Learn about the Artist


      Jennifer discovered herself as an artist about the same time she moved to Glen Ellyn. Almost five years ago, Jennifer and her husband, Brett, relocated from Chicago with twin baby girls in tow, in search of a family-friendly community to start a new life together. Brett had just completed his fellowship at Northwestern and was starting his career in medicine with DuPage Medical Group. Previously, Jennifer was a teacher and new mother with young twin girls. Settling into a new home was important for Jennifer and her family. Finding just the right place for their girls to grow, form relationships, and create lasting memories was what Jennifer and Brett always had dreamed of. As fate would have it, Glen Ellyn became their new home.


      Glen Ellyn was the perfect backdrop to raise a family. There was something so special about this town. Jennifer fondly remembers meeting new neighbors and recognizing friendly faces wherever she went. Forming new relationships in a supportive community allowed her not only to have her daughters flourish, but also herself grow. She was able to rediscover a love for art.


      Putting down roots allowed Jennifer a chance to take a risk of her own. Watching her daughter’s reach new milestones and grow from cute toddlers into beautiful young ladies inspired something within her. In hopes to capture special moments in a house that has become a home surrounded by loving family and friends, Jennifer decided to start painting again.


      Jennifer’s work simply began as means to fill her home. She filled the girls’ playroom with murals of flowers and storybook settings. She also covered her daughter’s bedroom walls with ballerinas dancing on canvas.


      As the girls grew, Jennifer’s work became more sentimental. She was finding that painting was not only enjoyable, but also meaningful. Jennifer began to paint her daughters playing, riding their bikes, or blowing bubbles. Capturing Caitlin and Colette’s sweetness of childhood was a way for Jennifer to recreate a special memory in a personal way. Painting was a method for Jennifer to express herself as not only a mother, but also as an artist. Soon she was sharing her work with friends and neighbors. The support she received from the community helped identify her as an artist.


        Over the past couple of years, Jennifer has developed her own unique style of painting. She enjoys capturing memorable moments on canvas and prides her work on creating a timeless piece of personable artwork that is special and unique for her clients. Working in various mediums, Jennifer is most known for her oils on canvas. Most of her custom pieces are done in oil. Jennifer enjoys collaborating with her clients to tell a story. She wants the artwork to emulate a special place and time for her clients in a way that nothing else could. Soft brush strokes and color palettes are Jennifer’s signature. She is excited to collaborate with her clients and to bring their vision to life. Jennifer especially enjoys working on custom artwork with locals in Glen Ellyn, because it is an authentic way to really get to know her neighbors. Jennifer enjoys being a part of tight-knit community, such as Glen Ellyn, and loves how art can bring people together.


       Jennifer feels that living in a community like Glen Ellyn has helped mold her as person. The support and friendships built in this town gave her the ability to find herself as an artist. Working with neighbors and friends, Jennifer has had her artwork displayed in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Christmas Ideas 2018, donated to support local charities such as Infant Welfare and Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center (GECRC). Her work can also be found in many of her friends’ homes. Jennifer recently sold her work at Pottery Barn Kids at Oakbrook Shopping Center, and will be participating in the Cantigny Mistletoe Market in December.




       Jennifer’s passion is truly found in custom artwork. She finds joy in creating something special and memorable for others. You can find information about Jennifer’s work on her website at www.jennifercollander.com. Sharing a piece of her heart and talent with her friends and neighbors is the perfect means for calling Glen Ellyn home.