Like a Dream

Collaborating with other creatives that share a similar vision is truly a dream come true for me. This Christmas season, I have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Maune. Owner of Maune Legacy, Jennifer shares lifestyle tips and invites you into her beautiful home. 
Photo Cred: Jennifer Maune
In an effort to add a finishing touch of effortless elegance to her already stunning home, Jennifer and I worked with her theme of White Christmas. Snowy whites accompanied by a touch of lavender and light pinks would bring her palette of colors together. Jennifer loved previous compositions of ballerinas on canvas. We worked together to make this piece, "Rose Ballet," special for her and her home.
Photo Cred: Jennifer Maune
Ballerinas are painted in acrylic on a 30x40 gallery wrapped canvas. Variety of techniques were used to create texture and add depth. The results were beautiful. It looks as though the beauties are dancing under soft falling snow. 
"Rose Ballet" is available for purchase as a giclée print on canvas. 

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