Just the Beginning

Painting for me is finding peace. Working on canvas allows me to unveil a part of myself that is only visible through each brushstroke.  I find joy and gratitude in the process. When I became a mother, creating was more about than just the enjoyement. I had changed. My world was totally turned upside down. Having my little Lily and Rose, there was a need to process these feelings as a new mother and painting became my way of expressing myself in a new light.

Being an artist isn’t about maintaining a piece of my former self but instead of reveling in who I am now. My joy truly comes from the inspiration I receive from my girls. They are the ones that have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. They are so deeply imbedded in this creative process for me. I have fully mixed my role as a mother with the work I do as an artist. As a relatively new venture, I truly cannot wait to see where this journey leads to. It has been pretty amazing so far. 

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Ronda Vickerton

Hey!! Love your work! Is there any way to order a larger size of the waltzing of snowflakes and/or waltzing of flowers canvas prints? 30 x40? Thank you!

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