I Thought About You

I thought about faith that ties it all together... I thought about you.
- Tim McGraw 
When a lovely friend asked me about recreating a scene from her beloved Grandfather’s farm, I was immediately excited about the idea. She shared pictures of the barn, and a photo of her children peaking in the door in wonder. Collaborating on piece together was such a joy. This custom piece is timeless and memorable. 
I love how the children are a clear focal point in the painting, but also a part of a larger picture. The barn. The family name above them. Everything in this piece embodies family while reminding us of our roots and where we came from. 
Our roots tell our story. Inspired by nature, the palette was earthy and warm. 
To add to her collection, my client wanted to incorporate another memory from the farm. She shared a photo of her children running under the trees, and together we collaborated to recreate her vision on canvas. 
Keeping the other painting in mind, we created a piece that carries the story and pairs together nicely. Neither piece fights for attention from the other. They are both soft but striking and will warm your heart. 
Even though you cannot see their faces, you can feel the happiness that radiates from them
just exploring their family’s history. Running and discovering the farm will surely be a lifelong memory that will remind them of where they came from and inspire where they are going.

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