Custom Artwork FAQ

Capturing a moment, feeling, and place that resonates is my reason for creating. Painting for me is pure joy and collaborating with my clients to recreate moments that matter are at the heart of my work. 
I receive a lot of questions regarding custom artwork. Below are the most common questions I answer most frequently. If you have any questions, please contact me! I am happy to assist you through this process. I absolutely love creating art for people to cherish and enjoy for years to come. 
How long does the process typically take? 
Depending on the nature of the piece (size, difficulty, medium, etc.) a custom painting takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. At this time, I feel like my custom artwork falls within two categories; abstract or impressionist.
Abstract art is typically large and meant to fill a space. I collaborate with my clients more from a styling perspective. We discuss color palettes, decor, and placement. I prefer to meet with my client in person or face time to collaborate on their vision for the artwork to go in their home. A blog post on abstract custom artwork is coming soon! Please view my other works demonstrating compositions of abstracts I have completed to decipher if that is a style that works for you. 
Impressionist custom pieces tend to be more sentimental. This includes recreations from photos of children or places that are meaningful to the client. Collaborations on colors, composition, and style are also part of the process. 
Dance inspired pieces can also fall under the category of custom artwork. Ballerinas in canvas in specific colors or compositions is another example of custom art. 
What is your pricing?
Custom artwork starts at $180 and varies based on difficulty and size. Please see a listing of prices resending to size on the website under Custom Artwork. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I am happy to provide you a quote in your project idea in hopes we can collaborate in a finished product you are happy to showcase in your home. 
What if I don’t have that perfect picture? 
Interested in capturing something memorable on canvas but unsure as to what picture you want to inspire the piece? No problem! You do not have to have a perfect picture for me to work from. I am happy to collaborate and work from various photos, palette ideas, and composition preferences you may have. Many times I use different “background”
pictures and work a simple composition into the piece based on the original vision of the client. I am happy to guide you through this process! 
Can I alter colors or composition? 
Absolutely! In the planning phase of the piece, it is essential for us to discuss the composition and color palette you are hoping to achieve. Do you want the water more blue? The kids in matching outfits? Or in an abstract, do you see a composition of shape and design you like but would prefer a different color palette? This is all possible! The only time it is difficult to alter colors or composition is after the piece is well underway. Small changes and adjustments can be made. There needs to be some room for organic work on canvas. Letting me make final decisions on key components will allow the project to become a piece of art. Room for originality always sparks joy!
Do you paint faces?
I do not paint faces. It is not in my wheelhouse to paint portraits nor does it fall within my style of painting. If you are looking for a portrait I am not the right fit for you. Please view my previous custom pieces or works for sale in the shop to get a feel for my style of painting.  
How do I receive my finished piece? 
My artwork is created at home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. You are welcome to pick-up your piece or have me ship it to you for an additional cost. Shipping fees vary based on size and location. I am happy to get you a quote for shipping in addition to a quote for your custom piece. 
What about framing? 
I have a wonderful local framer and she is the best! MM Frame Co. in Glen Ellyn, IL is where I get the majority of my artwork framed. I am happy to help you coordinate with the owner, Marci Myers, to find the perfect frame for your piece before shipment. Additional costs will apply. 
This post is a “work-in-progress” and I will add more information as it all comes to mind. Thank you for reading about custom artwork and considering my work on canvas. I absolutely love what I do and find so much joy in creating for others! 

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