Capturing on Canvas

My goal this summer was to practice the art of slow living with my girls. I tried to be mindful of how many activities we had signed up for and allow for more time and space for them to just be. This was a milestone summer for us, for in just a week or so they start Kindergarten! 

Part of me is so excited for them and another part is so sad. I almost just cannot believe where those five years went! The time flying part of all this makes me feel helpless. The art of “slow” living isn’t enough. I need time to freeze. Right now! Obviously we can’t control time, but I can control a paintbrush. 

Capturing the sweetness of moments on canvas is my favorite type of painting. The emotions felt with every brushstroke play into the overall feeling of each piece. 

This piece, In the Moment, is my most recent painting of my daughters. And I think it might be my favorite. The picture tells of a time when they were about to leave the nest and begin a new adventure. I may not be ready for all of this, but I know they are. It is time for them to fly. At least I have my paintbrush. 

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